The CoD Rec League Becomes OP with OVRPWRD: A Partnership!

The OVRPWRD team is proud to announce a partnership with The Call of Duty Rec League! The Cod Rec League (CRL) has a weekly stream during the season that can be found on Twitch as well as highlights and some meme reels as well.

What is the Call of Duty Rec League, you ask? Simply put, The Call of Duty Rec League is a casual league to play games under the CDL rule set. Each season is 2 months long and will have at least 7 matches per season with up to 3 playoff games. Teams can be randomly assigned based on skill or bring your team and play in the pre-made divisions. The league is solely about having fun, and for everyone to help those around them have fun and enjoy the game.

Checkout their website to sign up for a season:

With this partnership, we’re hoping members of the league can utilize the healthy gaming supplements found in the OP BAR to dominate their weekly matches, and become overpowered!

All of The Cod Red League’s Link can be found here:

Have a GG,
The OP Team


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