We Create GGs: Our mission, and the story behind OVRPWRD

We create GGs by providing the finest in esports nutrition to players of all types. That is our mission. That is our purpose. To create good games for all players. Whether your grinding ranks, battling a final boss, or completing quest we at OVRPWRD want nothing more than you to have a gg, and our OP Bar is the finest tool in your arsenal to do so.

Our Master Chief & Founder, Logan, first came up with the idea for the OP Bar during the 2020 quarantine. In the middle of a break between Warzone matches he jumped up and ran into his kitchen to grab a coffee and some sort of healthy snack for a quick energy boost before the next match began. Swallowing his food and taking a sip of his coffee as the match began it hit him. Light bulb. He thought: “Why isn’t there a healthy snack for gamers that both satisfies your hunger, while also giving you an energy boost while playing? Something that has all the same effect of energy drinks, coffee, and other energy supplements, but feeds your body actual nutrition without a harsh crash. To have ready to go without sacrificing play time, because at the end of the day having a gg while playing is all that matters.” Logan believed that the combination of eating healthy, and consuming clean and natural energy supplements was the perfect recipe to have a gg. After searching and not finding any answers he took to the kitchen to begin experimenting. Trial and error for several months eventually lead him to perfecting the receipt for the OP Bar, and the launch of OVRPWRD with the mission to provide GGs to players of all types.

Becoming overpowered, or as we just like to say “Become OP” is the direct outcome of eating an OP Bar. Providing you with the finest gaming supplement in the industry. Packed with all natural superfoods and brain boosting nootropics it will give you the energy and nutrition that leads to having a gg.  

Become OP = Have a GG

 - The OP Team


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