Shaping the future generations of Esports players: Esports Healthcare

At the forefront of the new era of gamers, Esports Healthcare is leading the charge with a holistic approach to gamer health. Esports Healthcare is striving to promote exercising, eating well, and maintain the balance of living a healthy lifestyle, while also enjoying yourself. Their foundations are focused with an expertise on Mental Health, Nutrition, and Physical Health. These foundations will help players of all types become overpowered on and off the gaming field.  

Mental Health: 

Esports Healthcare has mental health providers who can help manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. 


Esports Healthcare provides basic and in-depth information on nutrition, hydration, snacks, and supplements used by gamers today. Staying up to date with new information to help with your daily consumption needs.  

Physical Health:

Esports Health is paving a path to extinguishing the stereotype of all gamers being unhealthy and out of shape people who do nothing but sit inside all day in front of a screen. They understand that gamers have an intense physical component and have experts to keep your body in optimal condition. 

We at OVRPWRD love to see a company such as Esports Healthcare taking the reins in the new wave of gamers wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. They aim to flip the negative stereotypes of video games equaling an unhealthy lifestyle like we do with our OP BAR. OP BAR is the world’s first nootropic energy bar created as a healthy alternative to gaming supplements used in the industry today. Providing real nutrition and substance to the body while also keeping gamers locked in while on the grind with our nootropic stack brain supplements. If you would like to learn more about Esports Healthcare head on over to their website (link below) where their holistic approach to gamer health will continue to make more gamers overpowered in their mental health, nutrition, and physical health.

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