Are Adaptogens a Gaming Supplement?

Back again with another informative piece, adaptogens! Sounds like it’s from the future doesn’t it? But what are they and how can they make me become OP? In this article we’ll go into what defines an adaptogen and the effects they produce that make them useful as a gaming supplement as well as a general use brain supplement.

At a high level, adaptogens are mushrooms or herbs that help humans deal with stress. Right off the bat this can be useful in those high pressure gaming moments when you need to put the team on your back or out maneuver your opponent while keeping your cool. Let’s dive into how they actually work though. Adaptogens help your body adjust to physical, biological, or chemical stress in order to achieve the ideal body + mind state of homeostasis. 

When humans face any type of stress our bodies will release chemicals that hold off exhaustion to deal with the stress causing scenario. Adaptogens work to keep the period of time where we are holding off exhaustion longer. Being able to adapt to stress like this can help performance to maintain lower reaction time for gaming over extended periods of time and keep cortisol levels low. Cortisol is the main chemical responsible for stress in the human body. 

Some common adaptogens include Ashwagandha, American Ginseng, Licorice Root, and one that the OP Bar contains which is Bacopa Root. Bacopa is an adaptogen that exhibits stress reducing properties and increases cerebral blood flow. In short, your brain will be fraught with the blood needed to make those intricate moves while gaming all while boosting your mood as well. At OVRPWRD, we believe that Bacopa is one of the best gaming supplements along with the five other nootropics found in our OP Bar. When Bacopa is combined with the rest of our nootropic stack the results will leave you overpowered throughout your gaming sessions.

- The OP Team


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