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ovrpwrd [overpowered]; pronounced: o-ver-pow-erd

noun: OVRPWRD Esports/Gaming Nutrition Company

Used in a sentence: The gaming supplements in OVRPWRD's OP BAR had me completely cracked in Apex Legends! In one match I solo whipped 4 squads and grabbed that W. I became way overpowered. 

What is the OP BAR? 

The OP BAR {aka overpowered bar} is the world’s first nootropic energy bar designed for gamers! The OP BAR was created as a healthy alternative to energy supplements used by gamers of all types. Our bar is packed with all natural ingredients, including superfoods and nootropics. Whether you're grinding ranks, battling a final boss, or completing quest, the OP BAR gives you the energy, focus, and nutrition you need to HAVE A GG

Have a GG, 
The OP Team


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